that one time when hyunsik had a mental breakdown because food delivery company wasn’t picking his calls

“You can’t just make me different and then leave.”

Looking for Alaska, John Green (via e-vaporate)


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Q: could you pretty please do a if ________ was your boyfriend with all members of bts?? -Anonymous

 i was actually planning on making one for all of the members! currently, i’m working on jungkook  but i’ll definitely get around to making all of them~ ^^  

July 28th 3
Q: helloooo! i reallllly love your 'if _____ was your boyfriend' especially the hoseok one (that killed me bc he's my ult)!! i wanted to ask u what software u made them and how you got the gifs to play if that makes sense?? thank u so much (◡‿◡✿) -Anonymous

aw thank you so much! <3 It killed me when i was making it tbh he’s so precious ^^ 

i made it using photoshop cs6~ here’s a link to where you can download it for free: jaehos(.)tumblr(.)com/post/22859514563/how-to-get-adobe-photoshop-cs6-free-disclaimer and then from that, it’s a little bit hard to explain on here but i’ll give you this dandy little tutorial that should help youu youtube(.)com /watch?v=whaXQq3UVfk  

July 28th 3

Woo Brothers;
[Coed School] Woo Jisuk & [Block B] Woo Jiho

LEE JAEJOON  (╯°□°)╯︵  ┻━┻)
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Hugging shorter people and resting your head on theirs


Hugging taller people and having your head against their chest


Hugging people your height and pressing your face against their shoulder


Hugging people and getting picked up by them




Not having people to hug


Giving a hug that comes off as weird


This post describes me in every way